'Tis the Season . . . for Overload

I spent this past weekend in Little Rock at my daughter Angela's house. She and her husband needed to do their Christmas shopping, so I babysat while they braved the crowds. Their shopping trip was very successful, and we all met for dinner at a great sushi place. After church on Sunday I even did a little shopping of my own before I left the city to head homeward.

But now that I am home, this week looks pretty overwhelming. My energy is waning, it's raining outside today, and I still have a ton of stuff to do. I'm a list maker, so I'm sharing my to-do list with you today. I can't wait to get these things completed.
1. I have a Christmas stocking project for Angela's family that is half finished. If these beauties are going to be hung by the chimney for Santa to fill, Grams had better get crack-a-lackin'.

2. I have Sourdough Bread rising to bake today.

3. I have a stack of ironing to do.

4. The laundry has piled up to new heights.

5. I have a baking project just sitting and waiting for me to put it together.

6. Tomorrow there's a dentist appointment for the tooth I broke last Friday. Of course my dentist doesn't work on Fridays, but he'll be glad to see me on Wednesday.

7. Then there's also the doctor appointment Wednesday to remove the stitches from my arm for the minor surgery that I had last week.

8. Today I have to make a trip to Walmart for groceries, or I won't be able to make the Mexican Chicken I have planned for dinner tonight.

9. I have a few more Christmas Bread Basket liners to make as gifts.


Is anyone else as behind as I am??


  1. Holy smokes, you have a lot to do! But how sweet of you to help your daughter out! I wish someone would watch my kids so I could go Christmas shopping!

  2. This time of the year is "overload"...you are right about that! I'm always happy when January arrives...whew!!! Sorry about the tooth, Anita! That's not what you needed!!!

  3. I forgot to tell you that I have a "starter" that I received from someone about 9 years ago. It's supposedly from the Civil War. She got it from someone in Arkansas when she lived there. I make mine every 2 weeks. We love it!!!

  4. I think you look very organized! Hope you get it all done!

  5. wow! you can cope with so many things...

  6. Anita, Bless your heart! I was feeling swamped until I read your list...I pray that all goes well and you get it all done!

  7. Hi,
    I am gonna try your sourdough starter and bread now,I'm curious and love this stuff. Question-how long is this starter good for? Have never made it before. Is there a shelf life?

  8. YES...but I think you have better excuses than me! p.s. still looking for baby Jesus

  9. I think I'd give you washing pile a run for it's money. You can't jump over mine! I think I'm on top of things Anita. Just a bit of gift baking to do towards the end of next week and a few salads to make. (Oh and one last online grocery shop. I'm not going near the store if you paid me! LOL)
    Anne xx

  10. i can totally relate! my laundry is also piling up to the ceiling these days! i'm a new follower! love your blog, come and check out my blog when you get a sec! ty! ~b