What's Blooming This Winter

On these cold winter days I have a little springtime blooming in my kitchen. Back in the fall I planted some hyacinth bulbs in pots and set them by my kitchen windows. I have patiently watered and waited, and now I have finally been rewarded with some brilliant color beginning to open up.

There was only a little green showing on January 1, but I was happy to see that the bulbs were growing.

After emerging from the dirt the progress was evident each day.

Watching the hyacinths grow makes me feel like spring is just around the corner.

My Christmas cactus also budded up for a second showing. When I was working as a counselor, another counselor in my office gave me a little start for this plant from hers, and now it has grown to be huge.

It blooms every year between Thanksgiving and Christmas and sometimes at other times as well. Since it  has given me some February blooms this month I could call it my Valentine cactus.

I love having a little color inside during the winter months. Indoors or outdoors, watching my plants make me happy.


  1. Love having fresh flowers in the house, they make February perkier-enjoy:@)

  2. Your plants made me happy too! I wish I could raise inside flowering things. I manage to keep three green plants alive. Barely. Ha!

  3. These are beautiful! What a wonderful winter treat!

  4. I totally get it. They look so beautiful and brighten up the day.