Mission Organization: Week 9 - Overrun with Shoes

The household problem that I tackled this week was the accumulation of shoes by the back door.  I'm the only one in the house that this bothers, so the problem is all mine. Any logical thinking person would just say, "If those shoes bother you, why don't you just put them away?"
Well, I've tried that approach, and unfortunately when I put them in the closet where they belong I'm accused of HIDING them. Since I'm a peace loving individual, I needed another solution.

Day to day, the only thing that changes about the shoes is the position they are left in and occasionally the number of pairs varies. The person who wears these really has only two feet, in case you were wondering.

The shoes make the hallway look cluttered, but the most inconvenient thing about all the shoes spread out by the back door is having to pick them all up to clean under them.

I looked around for something to contain the shoes and boots. I really liked the looks of a trunk I saw, but decided against it because of the lid. The owner of the shoes would have to raise the lid to put them in and take them out, and I think that would be too much effort. My solution is this large wicker tray. I think it is just what I need to neaten up the back hallway. Now I can swiffer and mop the floor by moving just this one thing, not all those individual shoes.


  1. Brilliant I say! Brilliant! It's just me nowadays and "the girls" don't wear shoes so I'm good but I remember the time when I had that problem too! Great solution! Now, if they'll only abide by it! LOL!

  2. Great solution, Anita! I love the clearanced basket from Hobby Lobby! It makes it all look very attractive.

  3. what a great solution. I have exactly the same problem only it's always my shoes. I have a cane tray nearly the same hanging in the store room. But... not for long.