Mission Organization: Week 15 - Product Manuals

I don't know what kind of system most people have for keeping up with their product manuals and warranties. At our house we have designated a particular cabinet above the microwave to stash those manuals. I have set out at times to put them in folders, but never quite got the job accomplished. My mission this week was to go through all those manuals, get them organized, and file them in order.

This is the terrible pile that I started with. Some of the manuals are in folders, some are just stacked loose, and none of them are in any kind of order. I decided that I needed a container to put the files in, rather than just have them in a stack, so I located this box.

The width of this box was perfect for file folders, but it was too tall, so I used my kitchen shears and cut it down to a shorter height. I also used packing tape across the bottom to make sure it would stay sturdy.


I wanted to try covering the box with fabric, so I used two colors of cotton and a spray adhesive. My inspiration for the project came from Jen at I Heart Organizing. I started with the inside of the box on the bottom and worked by rolling each piece of fabric up and spraying the adhesive a little at a time, then unrolling the fabric to cover that section. After the inside was complete, I started the outside of the box, and again started with the bottom.

When the box was finished it was covered both inside and outside completely in fabric. I also added some ribbon embellishment. I used hot glue to hold my bow together.

With the file box finished, now I can get all those product manuals in some kind of order!

After sorting through the stack, this is all I had to throw away, so the rest of it went into the new file box.

I labeled each folder and filed it in the box, then I moved the box to a different cabinet. The cabinet above the microwave was too small for my new box. I love the look of the new file box, and I'm so glad to finally have all these manuals in order.


  1. I have no patience to do anything like this which makes me even more impressed. It turned out to be a beauty and a great organizer. Obviously, you do a lot more than cook and bake like a dream.

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  3. What a great looking solution.

  4. Wow! When you organize, you do it in style! That looks like one of those fancy boxes you'd find at gift stores and pay an arm and a leg for! You did such a nice job covering it. I need to do that!

  5. What a great idea! I think I will have to cover my file box that I use to organize my keepsakes- it wont be such an eyesore!

  6. What a great way to recycle a box. I bet it's a money saver too since those baskets and boxes can be so expensive premade. I know this idea looks very tidy and handy too, so thanks for sharing your craft and storage tips at my party for others to benefit from!

  7. Love that box, good job. Thanks for sharing at the Sunday Round UP. I love to see what you share on your great blog.
    Rose @ http://www.arosiesweethome.com/

  8. I certainly could use more organizing and this box is perfect! Thank you!

  9. LOVE LOVE LOVE this...Genius!

  10. Hi Anita,

    Thanks so much for linking up to Creative Thursday this week. This looks amazing! I love that you recycled a box to make a beautiful file box. I'm going to have to start saving my boxes, because I already have a TON of fabric.

    I can't wait to see what you link up next week. Have a wonderful weekend.


    P.S. I also signed up to follow and follow on Bloglovin'