Mission Organization: Week 18 - My Coupons

I'm not a big couponer, but I do use them on occasion, for example, last week when I bought the Lint Lizard for cleaning my dryer, I was very happy that I remembered to use my store coupon. I always look through the circulars that come with the Sunday newspaper, and I clip out any coupons for products that I routinely use. My downfall with coupons is forgetting to use them. I clipped these two not long ago for products that I always buy, and I laid them on my kitchen counter.

They laid on the counter and expired because I forgot to take them with me when I went to the grocery store. Sometimes I even have coupons in my purse that I forget to use because they shift to the bottom and get lost in the black hole.

My mission this week is to organize my coupons so that I can keep up with them and use them before they expire. I know that I could buy some kind of coupon organizer, but I decided to look around the house and try to use something I already had.

I found this little photo album that had come from Walmart when I ordered copies of prints. It looked big enough to hold the few coupons that I would carry, yet small enough to easily fit in my purse.

The first thing I did was to print out an identifier sheet to slip into the first page. I used some pretty colored paper and a large font.

Then I used these stick-on tabs from my desk drawer to divide the book into sections. I kept the headings general and made four sections - Food, Health/Beauty, Laundry, and Stores.


The coupons will slip easily into the pages and expiration dates can be seen clearly.

This little book will now go into my purse, and I think it will be a big improvement over my previous method of using coupons.


  1. You are SO clever! And organized too! I'm like you..when I do have them I forget to use them. I don't have many because I don't get any newspapers. But nowadays every little bit counts! That is the best coupon organizer I've seen and don't we love us some BIG FONTS! LOL! You'd better enter this one in a bunch of those linky parties....this is a winner!

  2. That is really a great idea. I have tons of those sitting around! Thanks.

  3. This is such a great idea! I quit cutting coupons because everything became too unorganized and I could never find the coupons I needed in my file.

  4. Awesome! Would you like to come organzie mine too? =o) They are a big pile on my counter right now. Blech!

  5. You're so clever, Anita!! I know the feeling of having left the coupon at home. I like that you used something small enough, but easy to see and find. I hate those coupon holders with the band around them. This is much better. Thanks for the idea!!

  6. he he he You are clever! It looks great and it will work great! good job