Mission Organization: Week 26 - My Cookbooks and the Overflowing Bookshelves

This is the 26th week of the year, so we are halfway through 2012. That means that I should be halfway finished getting my house organized, but unfortunately, I seem to be finding more and more that needs to be done. My organizing reminds me of the Lewis Carroll quote, "The hurrier I go, the behinder I get."

This week for my mission I worked on my books. I love all kinds of books, and I have to admit that I probably have more than I need. I wanted to get my cookbooks organized all in one place and to go through my other books and get rid of some that I no longer wanted.

After a lot of sorting and organizing I finally have a bookcase that is just for my cookbooks.

This is how I had my cookbooks stuffed into the bookcase before. They were not in any order, and they were sharing this bookcase with other books.

I did some major sorting and a lot of dusting, where does all that dust come from?

These stacks are the books that I moved out. I have them in a "holding cell" right now, but these are going to be donated just as soon as I can get them boxed up and moved out. Right now I have them sitting inside the armoire that I emptied when I organized the gift wrap a few weeks ago.

The bookcase that I organized for my cookbooks also has a lower section that holds more cookbooks, along with my recipe binders for my printed recipes. I actually have a little space left for new additions.

The matching bookcase got a good cleaning too. Both bookcases look so much better, and it will be so nice to have all my cookbooks in one place. This was a mission that was long overdue, I'm so glad that I finally got around to this one.


  1. Very nice Anita. And I love how you have room for photos.

    Anne xx

  2. Bless you! Books are my true downfall and I have SO many I could probably open my own library! LOL! I have sort of organized mine which means I have grouped like books together. I did clean out a glass door bookcase in my bedroom and it is going to be for "the keepers". As I read the books they will either go in the keeper bookcase or out the door to the thrift or the library or maybe sell on Amazon. I have promised myself that once that bookcase is full that's it! Check back with me in a year and see how I'm doing! LOL! Of course, that doesn't include cookbooks...heavens no!
    You did a great job and it looks so nice and yes....where does all that dust come from?

  3. Hi Anita! Check your email! You won my giveaway!

  4. Anita,
    You have really been diligent about your mission! Thanks for inspiring me to get a few things organized around my house.

  5. It looks great! I have so many cookbooks and have such a hard time not buying more. I really need to organize my cookbooks as well.

  6. I'm sure books multiply in the dark of the night! Did I really buy all those books??