A Book That Made Me Laugh

Not long ago I won a book in a giveaway over on the blog Evolved Mommy. I was delighted when Stephanie contacted me to let me know that I would be receiving an autographed copy of Blacklisted from the PTA by Lela Davidson. I was tickled the day the book arrived in my mailbox, but not half as tickled as I was when I opened the book and started reading.

Lela Davidson is a young mother who has her own opinions about child-rearing, motherhood, and life in general. She writes about what she knows best, the quest to raise a family in her unique way in the midst of our conformity culture.

My children are all raised and out of the house now, so I can't relate to all of the problems that mothers of this generation face today, but as a grandmother, I have observed that raising children has become even more complicated in today's world. One current problem that Lela tackles in her humorous book is the exorbitant birthday parties that seem to be the norm for youngsters these days.

My daughters tell me that when they were young they remember that I would read Erma Bombeck's books and laugh out loud. I have to admit that I did a little laughing out loud while reading Lela Davidson's book as well.

If you are a young mother and are losing your sense of humor about what's going on in your world of sibling rivalry, pets, camping, kids' sports, and even how to keep the romance alive in your marriage, pick up a copy of Blacklisted from the PTA and have yourself a good laugh.

The opinions stated in this post are my own. I was given a copy of Blacklisted from the PTA as a blog prize.


  1. I like books with some humour. I am going to check this out :) It sounds like a fun read.

  2. If I wasn't laughing reading your Erma Bombeck books, it was reading Grandad's Pat McManus, of which I think he had the full set.

  3. Anita - this sounds like a really good read. How about linking it in to Books You Loved: September edition? Hope you are having a great week.

  4. I'm sure I can relate to a lot of things in this book having four kids, lol. I look forward to reading it...thanks for the review :)

  5. Thanks for linking this in. Cheers

  6. This looks like a book to read then pass to my daughters. By daughter in Chicago said the gift amount for a childs birthday party is 50-100 dollars--is this crazy! Yes.

  7. sounds great! birthday parties are RIDICULOUS these days!!!

  8. I almost bought this book for my Kindle. Amazon had a great price for it...now I think I shall! :)


  9. Thank you so much! I just found this post and appreciate all your kind words. Especially the part about being a YOUNG mother! Thank you so much for sharing, and for posting to the Pinterest board.