Mission Organization: Week 35 - Put It On the Calendar

After I retired from public school life I guess I must have thought somewhere in the back of my mind that I didn't have to worry about keeping up with a schedule any more. At work I used a large desk calendar and kept it filled with all the important information to keep my daily life running. I couldn't have made it through a day without referring to my calendar for the important meetings times and what my daily agenda held.

After I retired, I started using a small purse sized planner to keep up with my life. Nothing wrong with this - unless I forgot to get it out and look at it!

I like to carry a planner in my purse, but it just wasn't the mind jogger that I needed on a daily basis to remind me of appointments, plans, and obligations. My little planner just wasn't enough of a visual reminder for me.

For Mission Organization this week I decided to get a new calendar that I could hang on my refrigerator and refer to every day first thing in the morning.

Many people like to start a new calendar at the beginning of the new calendar year, but the beginning of a new school year is also a good time to start a calendar. The school year can become a busy and hectic time for families with children because someone has to keep up with who goes where and when for what activity.

I chose a large calendar with lots of room to write in the squares. This calendar also has a strong magnetic strip across the top for hanging.

I ordered this calendar from Calendars.com, and because there is only part of the year left it was greatly discounted. 

The calendar comes with all these event stickers for birthdays, doctor appointments, school trips, and many, many more. The teacher in me was very excited about these!

I started applying stickers and writing in appointments immediately. The calendar is now at home on my fridge, and when I get up to have that first cup of coffee in the morning and look at my calendar, I can feel confident that I will be where I'm supposed to be for the day!

This calendar is exactly what I needed to get me on track. It is the nicest home calendar that I have used, and I have already pre-ordered the same calendar for 2013.

Retirement is a much busier time of life than I ever thought it could be. I still have a bucket list about a mile long, so now I just need to put it on the calendar!

The opinions stated in this post are entirely my own. I have no relationship with Calendars.com and have received no compensation from them.