Mission Organization: Week 37 - Less is More for Cleaning the Floor

I have tried many different products and methods to keep my floors clean. In the past I would lug around a mop bucket filled with hot water mixed with a smelly commercial cleaning product, and I applied this to my floors with a string mop. This did a pretty good job of cleaning, but I detested mopping my floors this way. I then gave up the string mop for one of the lightweight spray mops that is battery operated and used a prepackaged cleaning solution and disposable pads.

These mops are so handy to use, but they have some drawbacks. To keep these mops going you must keep on buying more cleaning solution and disposable pads, and occasionally even new batteries. When I used this mop I also felt that I was giving up some cleaning ability just for the convenience. My floors never quite felt as clean as I wanted them to be, and I was not really satisfied, but I didn't want to go back to a string mop and dragging that big mop bucket all over the house.

After reading a ton of reviews, I ended up buying this Rubbermaid Reveal mop that has washable and reusable microfiber cleaning pads, and the solution bottle can be filled and refilled with whatever cleaner you choose to use. It has a trigger sprayer that doesn't require any batteries for use. I bought mine at a Sam's Club store, and it came with 3 microfiber pads. I love using this mop, but the best thing is being able to clean the floor with my own cleaning solution.

I have tried some different "recipes" for cleaning solutions, but I think the simplest, best all around cleaner of all is just hot water and white vinegar. To make a floor cleaning solution, mix 1 gallon of hot water with 1/2 cup of white vinegar, then just fill up the solution bottle and spray away! This can be used for mopping hardwood, laminate, or tile floors. 

I no longer have to buy those boxes of disposable pads or the bottles of cleaning solution to clean my floors. My only purchase now is white vinegar, and my floor feels CLEAN, so that's why I say, "Less is more for cleaning the floor!"

The opinions stated are entirely my own. I have received no compensation for this post.


  1. Good for you! Great advice...thanks much for sharing.

  2. Oooh, I may have to get one of those! I use the Wet Jet, though I've made reusable pads to go on it. I still hate having to use their solution, though. It always leaves the floors a little sticky and then that leads to them getting dirty again real soon.

  3. I concur~....I have a non-battery powered Libman, same thing just different brand and I love it! Like you, I wanted to use my own cleaning solution and like you, I use vinegar and water. You can add essential oil for scent if you wish but I like the clean smell of vinegar. I really do! I have 2 pads and swap them out in the wash...so easy and the mop is easy to grab for touch-ups too. Yes, spread the word!