Mission Organization: Week 39 - Stubborn Laundry Stains

No, I'm not a research scientist, but I sure have tested a lot of laundry stain removers throughout the years. At my house my family has always seen it as their mission to supply the stains, and I see it as my mission to remove them. Recently I even had the opportunity to remove some tough stains from my grandson's school uniform pants.

It seems that my grandson only grew a smidgen taller between third and fourth grades, and his khaki uniform pants from last year would still fit him for this school year with a little hem adjustment. There was no reason to buy another stack of uniform pants that looked exactly like these. The only problem was, on closer inspection, every pair had ground in dirt and grass stains on the knees from the school playground. The hems could be easily taken care of, but would those nasty old stains ever come out?

I decided to pull out the big guns of laundry stain removal. According to Modern Day Moms, a great laundry pre-treatment for stains is 1 part original blue Dawn dishwashing soap mixed with 2 parts hydrogen peroxide. I wasn't sure this would work on stains as old and ground in as these, but I gave it a try.

The stains were large and unsightly on the light colored khakis.

The darker colored pants were harder to photograph, but they have stains on both knees as well. These two pairs are just examples of what the entire stack looked like.

No more stains! The treatment worked, and all the stubborn playground grime came out. These pants are ready for a new school year. This mixture resulted in $$ saved on school clothing.

I sprayed the stains with the mixture and let it soak in really well before washing as usual, and repeated the process several more times. I'm very happy with the results I got from this homemade stain remover, and I'll be keeping a bottle of this mixture on the washer so I can keep on fulfilling my stain removal mission in life.

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  1. I'll have to give this a try, Anita! I have one I use that has ammonia and dishwashing liquid and water. Yours sounds easier.