A Daffodil Wreath

Because daffodils are among the first flowers to emerge every year - sometimes even rising through the snow to reveal their showy spring colors - I chose these bright flowers for a new door wreath. The days are still chilly, but we're seeing a lot more sunshine, so I'm hoping the groundhog made an accurate prediction this year for an early spring.

This wreath was made from just a few supplies that I bought at Hobby Lobby and was assembled using  hot glue and florist wire.

What I purchased:
  • 1 (24-inch)  grapevine wreath
  • 1 bush of daffodils
  • 1 bush of floral grass
  • 2 rolls (15 feet each) green wired burlap ribbon for bow
I used wire cutters to separate the daffodils and the grass stems from the bushes, then arranged and hot glued these in place on the wreath. The wired ribbon was used to make a large bow, and it was attached to the wreath with florist wire.

We probably haven't seen our last snowfall of the season, but the groundhog and I are hoping for an early spring!

I received no compensation for writing this post.


  1. Your wreath is so beautiful! I LOVE daffodils!

  2. Your wreath is very pretty! I'm with you, I hope spring is early this year:@)

  3. Hi Anita, your daffodil wreath looks so pretty! It looks like they're growing out of the grassy green ribbon. What a perfect spring decoration for your door.

  4. It's a sure beautiful sign of spring, In Maine its going to be awhile, we were hit this past weekend with a noreaster, about 35 inches in my town!! Love the wreath, very nice. Happy Valentines Day Anita, andi

  5. Love the wreath! I would love to have at least one more snow, but I am looking forward to an early Spring here in NEAR!

  6. You've inspired me to hang my spring wreath today!

  7. Lovely spring wreath! I have a thing for wreaths...I look for reasons to make them! haha! I am pinning this to my Wreath board.