Dipped Chocolate Chip Heart Cookies

While shopping, sometimes I buy ingredients before I know what I'm going to make with them. I saw some colorful limited edition Valentine chips at the grocery store, and I threw them in my shopping cart, not knowing what their purpose would be. They rested in my pantry alongside a bag of red candy melts until I finally got an inspiration to use them to bake some pretty cookies for my Valentine's Day sweeties. Regular chocolate chip cookie dough is too soft to be rolled and cut into shaped cookies, but this stiffer shortbread type dough can be rolled out. It makes a super delicious cookie, and the red candy melts upgraded them to a treat worthy to be given as a gift.

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Dipped Chocolate Chip Heart Cookies

1 cup butter, softened
1/2 cup packed brown sugar
1/3 cup granulated sugar
2 teaspoons vanilla extract
1/2 teaspoon salt
1 large egg yolk
2 1/2 cups all purpose flour
1 cup Valentine chocolate chips
1 (14 ounce) bag red candy melts, melted (I used about 1/2 of the bag)

Preheat oven to 350 degrees F. Prepare a baking sheet by lining with parchment paper. In the bowl of a stand mixer, beat butter, brown sugar, granulated sugar, vanilla, and salt until creamy. Beat in egg yolk and gradually add flour. Stir in chocolate chips. Divide the dough in half, cover with plastic wrap, and chill for at least 1 hour. Roll the dough out to 1/4-inch thickness on a lightly floured silicone mat with a piece of wax paper over the top (or can be rolled between two pieces of wax paper).  Cut into heart shapes with a 3-inch cutter. Bake on prepared pan for 9 - 10 minutes. Cool cookies on baking sheet for a few minutes, then remove to a wire rack to finish cooling. When cookies are COMPLETELY cooled dip edge in candy coating that has been melted according to package directions. Lay dipped cookies on parchment paper until candy coating has hardened.

Note: If a different size cookie cutter is used the baking time will need to be adjusted.

My cookies were 3-inch hearts, and the recipe made 21 of this size.





  1. They look delicious! I have had some success with making my normal chocolate cookie dough "go to" recipe and pressing it into the cookie cutter shape when I drop it onto the cookie sheet to bake. The cookies still spread slightly, but they look cute :)

    Happy Valentines Day! (I popped over from Pinterest after following your scrabble dishwasher magnet :)

  2. Very cute, I had thoughts of doing a sugar cookie and dipping half in chocolate but it never happened.........I never saw these chocolate chips in my neck of the woods for Valentines Day. We are always the last to get anything new.....Happy day andi

  3. Oh my gosh! These sound and look perfect! I love shortbread but with chocolate chips? Yes, please. I haven't seen those Valentine chocolate chips. Drats! So cute! And I love them dipped! Hope you had a great one!

  4. How cute, Anita! I never saw the special chips, but I'll look for them next year. The cookies could be used for different seasons. Thanks for sharing your recipe and cute idea. Happy weekend!

  5. Such a cute idea! I love everything about them. Pinning!

  6. These look absolutely gorgeous - almost too good to eat!

    Kate x

  7. These are TOO CUTE, Anita!! Thanks for sharing! Pinned ;)

    Hope you're enjoying a lovely week!
    ~ Brenda @ChattingOverChocolate.blogspot.com

  8. So cute and festive, Anita. Would love for you to share at my linky party going on right now. http://www.mandatorymooch.blogspot.com/2013/02/tasty-thursdays-29.html

    Thanks, Nichi - The Mandatory Mooch

  9. What awesome cookies Anita, these will be so good! Hope you have a fabulous week and thank you so much for sharing with Full Plate Thursday.
    Come Back Soon!
    Miz Helen