My Sister's Cakes

My sister and I enjoy decorating cakes for family celebrations. We are both just amateur home decorators, but our family members are always happy with whatever we bake up. I have been decorating cakes a lot longer than she has, but in the short time she has been "playing" with cake decorating, she has far surpassed me in skill.  Over the past year she has sent me pictures of some of the cakes she has done for her family, and although I don't have tutorials for her cakes, I thought they would be fun to share with others who enjoy cake decorating too.

I love this peacock cake with the long fondant tail feathers. The feathers are cut from fondant with a leaf shape. The peacock is made from rice krispie treats that have been shaped, then covered in fondant.

This birthday cake features a lawnmower, shovel, rakes, hose, etc., all in fondant. The lawn mower is shaped from rice krispie treats and straws that have been covered in fondant.

This Texas Rangers cake is all done in buttercream.

This is a rose cake done in buttercream. I always think these are too pretty to eat!

This huge wrestling cake is done in fondant. It was baked in two 14-inch layers.

This girly polka-dot cake is done in pink buttercream with fondant dots and was a joint effort between my sister and her daughter-in-law.

This Cars themed cake is blue buttercream with fondant cut-outs, and I love the winding road.

Guess what special birthday was being celebrated here! This was a very large cake and was done in green buttercream. The candles around the side were cut from black and yellow fondant. She uses the viva paper towel method to smooth out her buttercream to look like fondant.

And last, these gorgeous buttercream cupcakes are done in different flowers. All are beautiful, but I especially love the shading in the hydrangeas. 

I think my sister's cakes are pretty amazing!


  1. They are all beautiful! I got a real kick out of the wrestling one:@)

  2. Wow Anita, the cakes are amazing! Your sister has so much talent. She should go I to business!!

  3. They are just stunning - I particularly love the cupcakes. So clever!

    Kate x

  4. Wow..they are works of art!I like the lawn mower one!

  5. Anita,
    The cakes look amazing. I especially like the tail of the peacock and it's colors.

  6. The cakes are beautiful, your sister has done a wonderful job. But, your hash brown casserole and ranch chicken are mighty tasty! So maybe she can decorate cakes but you make the best potato casserole and chicken...........Andi

  7. What great cakes! I love the peacock, CARS, and lawnmower! I pinned them to my Cakes, Cupcakes & Frosting board! I would love to have you share them at the Rock 'N Share! Have a great weekend! D

  8. If I had her skill, I would be saving myself a ton of money whenever special occasions roll around! ha! The peacock cake is so beautiful! They're all amazing!

    Thank you for sharing them!

  9. I love the cars cake. A great idea for my grandson!

  10. Your sister has talent. All the cakes look great, but I think my favorite is the Peacock cake.

  11. LOVE the Peacock Cake!!!!!!!

  12. That peacock! Holy cow. I want that for my birthday cake. Just wow.