The Generations Before and After

Recently I was notified by Kyran Pittman that I had won a giveaway prize 
on her blog Planting Dandelions

Now I love any kind of prize, and I can get pretty excited about a gift card 
for pizza or a new cookbook, but this prize really blew me away! 

My prize was a full year's membership to Ancestry.com

A few of my relatives have done some family research, and I have lists of names they have compiled, but I have never done my own research before. I feel the gift I have been given goes in two directions. I not only have received the gift of being able to research into generations of my family that have come before me, I can now leave this heritage for the family members that will come after me.

My dad passed away almost 20 years ago. He served as a mechanic in WWII and was a dairy farmer afterward. My tiny grandson who was born just this year will grow up almost 100 years past my dad's childhood. When I'm no longer here to tell my family members about my dad, I want to be sure his name is not forgotten. 

Now to get started and see just how much I can discover about all the family ties I have - somewhere.

Thank you, Kyran and Ancestry.com for an exceptional giveaway!

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