Two Books for Young Children

Today I was invited to one of my favorite places -- a school. A dear teacher friend of mine asked me to come to her classroom and read to the children, which was an offer I wouldn't refuse. I worked for many years in the school district I visited today, but today was very special because my friend Tammy has a classroom in a newly built primary building that didn't exist when I retired a few years ago. I was able to visit my friend, see the new building, and read to the children, a pretty big visit all rolled into one.

The classroom I visited was a four-year-old preschool, and I needed books on that level that followed the theme of dogs or cats because the children had been learning about pet adoption. I found two books I thought would be perfect, and I believe the children were in agreement.

The two books I read were Charlie the Ranch Dog and Charlie Goes to School, both by Ree Drummond. There were twenty children in the group, and the books held their attention. After I read, they had no problem at all answering the question about Charlie's favorite thing to do, which is, of course, to take naps. 

One thing, other than the character Charlie, the children loved was the recipe Ree includes at the end of each book. We talked about how she is famous for her cooking and her cookbooks, and some of them knew their parents had watched the Pioneer Woman's cooking show on television.

These are delightful books with beautiful illustrations I think most any young child would enjoy. In fact, I believe these children must have liked reading the books because I received a message from the teacher tonight that said the children had talked about Charlie all day after I left.


  1. How fun is that? I love those little ones and I love Ree Drummond too...recipes at least and I am very familiar with Charlie! Her blog is wonderful and she's a great writer of that so I imagine her books for children are too.
    I heard on the news that P. Allen Smith was in Jonesboro doing a wedding collaboration with Sissy's Log Cabin. She had visited his home and was so impressed with the rose garden and commented on how romantic it was and what a beautiful setting for a wedding. Not sure of the details but I thought of you and wondered if you had "bopped over" to say hello?
    You're looking healthy and I hope you're feeling that way too! TTYL!

    1. Hi Sam, reading to the kids was a lot of fun. When I told them we were going to read about Charlie the Ranch Dog, I asked if they knew what a ranch was. Hands went up, and one adorable little girl said, yes she knew, it is something you put on a salad!
      Never a dull moment in a classroom. We did learn there is more than one kind of ranch. It made me miss teaching!
      I didn't make it to Jonesboro for the P. Allen Smith event, I hope it was well attended. His rose garden would be perfect for a wedding!
      Good to hear from you!

  2. Sounds like a fun time! I am retired but still do some subbing now and then. It's always a good feeling to get back in the classroom.

    I have not read Ree's children's books yet, they sound good.

    1. Hi Laurie, I love visiting the classrooms, but I haven't done any subbing. Everything about school seems like home though!

  3. Oh what fun! I've been a teacher's aide in a kindergarten class and I ran my own home daycare for many years...my favorite thing to do is read to the kids! I'm sure you really enjoyed it. LOVE the 'ranch' answer...thanks for sharing those giggles. I love that age group. Haven't seen Ree's books yet, but know they gotta be wonderful. Happy Easter to you and yours!!

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