In Living Color

Beautiful, intriguing, startling, frightening, mysterious, and strange are just a few of the many words that might be chosen as descriptors for colorful creatures from nature. Each one has attributes that are special and unique to them. My favorite thing about each one is that it is designed in living color.

This is my grandson's leopard gecko, Spot, taking a nocturnal stroll. This is such an interesting kind of lizard. Unlike many lizards, these have moveable eyelids. He's gentle and easy to care for. These lizards come in different patterns and colors. I love Spot's vibrant colors.


I see these garden spiders every October. They're nowhere in sight one day, but the next day they will have a huge web built. I fear someday I'll walk right into one of these webs and become the spider's prey. If one builds its web on your porch, might as well leave it until after Halloween, though. They make spooky decor that is quite realistic.


These yellow mushrooms popped up in my rosemary this summer. Apparently, they are very common in houseplants and in greenhouses, but these are my first. They are so detailed and pretty, but are not edible. They don't hurt the plant and can be left if you want to enjoy their beauty, but should be removed if there are pets or children around who might accidentally eat one.


This scary looking creature is a tobacco horn worm. This one is devouring one of my tomato plants. They can quickly strip a plant bare. The red horn on the end distinguishes him from the similar tomato worm that has a black horn.

These are some of my brother's chickens. I added them because they are so colorful, and the eggs are colorful, too. He donates lots of eggs for our church members to buy. The money raised from the eggs always goes to help meet the monthly goal of the widows and orphans fund.



  1. Spot looks very interesting! Will he get very big?

    1. Hi Tammy, He will stay pretty small, not bigger than 8 - 10 inches. Landon enjoys taking care of him.