Now You See It

I've been baking cookies this week, lots of cookies. I think it might be time take a break, though, because I've started seeing things in my cookies that aren't really there. It's not like I saw a religious sign in a bowl of chocolate chip cookie dough or anything like that. It's more like those tricks on Pinterest where someone uses a gingerbread man cookie cutter and turns it upside down to create a reindeer. Except, I didn't make any gingerbread men or reindeer. I baked sugar cookies to decorate, and I used a cute little gift package cutter with a bow on top.

After I baked them they didn't look as much like gift packages. I kept looking at them while they were cooling on the rack, and the more I looked, the stranger they seemed. Without any frosting, all I could see was Dilbert. If I only had great decorating skills, this gift package cutter would be a perfect Dilbert head. I'm not sure anyone ever has a Dilbert-themed occasion, but you never know. It might be the next birthday party craze. Frozen and Minions can't last forever.

I disguised the Dilbert-head cookies by piping a bow on top, so probably no one guessed Dilbert was in their bag of treats. I have more cookies to bake before Christmas, so I'll check out the rest of my cookie cutters and see what other illusions are lurking there.

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