A Piping Bag Liner (I Learned Something New Today)

Decorating cakes is only a hobby for me. I have learned most of what I know on the subject by reading or by trial and error. I decorated a birthday cake this weekend, and I learned something new. This is such a simple trick, I don't know why I didn't know about it before.

I've always been one to end up with as much frosting on myself as on the cake when I'm decorating. Not today. The buttercream frosting stayed put in the piping bag. It only came out through the tip, like it is supposed to. Although I try to be careful, I usually end up with frosting oozing out the wrong end of the bag.

The way to fix that is with a piece of plastic wrap. Tear off a long piece and place it flat on the counter top. Pour a big dollop (enough to fill a piping bag)  of frosting in the center of the plastic wrap. Roll the frosting up in the plastic wrap lengthwise. With the frosting rolled up in the middle, there will be a rolled up piece of plastic wrap on each end.

Grab onto each end of the wrap and start spinning the frosting. Keep spinning until each end is tightly twisted.

Then thread one twisted end of the plastic through a piping bag fitted with a coupler. Cut away the excess plastic wrap, add the decorator tip, and secure the open end of the bag.

The bag is now lined with plastic wrap, and the frosting is contained inside. There was no mess. Not one bit of frosting oozed out of the bag. I also didn't have to struggle with filling the bag with frosting. It was neat and tidy. When the bag was empty, I pulled the plastic wrap out and threw it away. The empty bag was almost as clean as when I started, and I wasn't covered in buttercream.

This may not be a new tip for seasoned decorators, but it was big news for me. I hope someone else can also benefit from knowing how to line a piping bag. There's so much more I'd like to learn, so feel welcome to share your tips.


  1. I have never heard of this fabulous trick for a piping bag, Anita! Thank you for sharing it.

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