Centerpiece Improvisation

When you're entertaining a crowd, often extra tables must be set up to accommodate the guests. For every table you need a centerpiece, and if multiple tables are involved it can get expensive. If the gathering is informal, you may already have everything you need for those centerpieces right under your nose. It can be a nice surprise to be able to improvise without buying something new.

When I needed centerpieces for three 8-foot tables, I decided to do some shopping in my own house. I stepped back to see what items I could find to serve as the centerpieces. I wanted something colorful, casual, and not fussy. My Fiesta ware seemed to be the obvious choice.

For each table I used two large disk pitchers on a large platter. Cereal bowls became candy dishes. I added a few silk flowers I'd saved from another event for an extra pop of color.

Total cost of my three centerpieces = $0

I've enjoyed my Fiesta ware on many different occasions. I've found the pieces to be versatile, and I also use them as my every day dishes. The colors are cheerful, and they are a sturdy stoneware. I've only broken one piece in all the time I've used them, and it was a strange accident. I reached for a bowl on a high shelf, and the shelf tipped. Apparently the bracket holding one corner of the shelf had fallen out. When the shelf tipped all the bowls slid off. I don't know how I managed it, but I caught every bowl except one. That bowl hit me in the forehead, then went on to hit the counter top and the floor. These dishes are heavy, and I still have a mark of evidence on my forehead from the accident. I mourned the bowl but was so glad I was able to save everything else.



  1. Your tables look so pretty, Anita. I agree about Fiesta Ware and how sturdy it is. I've had mine for several years now (all different colors) and none have broken or chipped. Yours was a freak accident for sure. I'm sorry that you still have the mark on your poor forehead!

    1. Thank you, Kitty! My photos are at an odd angle as I didn't intend to blog this at the time. It amazes me how sturdy the Fiesta ware is. None of mine have ever chipped, either. And it's a made in the U.S.A. product!

  2. What a great idea! I love the bright colors. We need to go on another trip to find more Fiesta! I was just rereading the 2012 post about meeting Ann B. Ross at That Bookstore in Blytheville. Miss our dear friend.