Mother's Vintage Home Comfort Cookbook

My sister and I recently had a conversation about how to make a particular kind of coconut cake. The cake she described is not a recipe I have. I told her it sounded like a recipe we would find in Mother's old Home Comfort cookbook. The only problem is we don't have the cookbook.

Her cookbook was a manual/cookbook for a Home Comfort range. I enjoyed finding recipes in it when I was a young girl, however, I think it may have already been old enough to be vintage by the time I used it. When she passed away it was not in any kind of usable condition. Sadly, it had been virtually destroyed.

I'm searching for a copy of that cookbook to add to my collection. I've found some that were printed either earlier or later than the one Mother had. The contents may be the same or similar, but I'm wishing for one with a cover just like hers.

If someone happens to know where a cookbook like this one can be obtained, please send me the details. It would be a great addition to my collection. I might even find that coconut cake recipe or a new recipe I've never tried before.


  1. Check Amazon.It might not be the one showing but it is 1925 reprint. Good luck and keeping Searching. Thank you for the blog.

  2. There are a few forums/sites for old ranges. You might put a request out on some of those sites. Good luck with your search!!