Aprons as Gifts

We all know how much home cooks love a pretty apron, but there are others who appreciate aprons, too. At a recent writers' conference, I received an apron as a door prize. This hand made apron is perfect for writers, teachers, and librarians.

I wanted to share this apron and its cute design because it's never too soon to start thinking about hand made gifts for occasions such as Christmas. There's probably someone on your gift list who would love one of these aprons. I'm calling it my literacy apron.


  1. I made aprons for my daughter and two DIL's out of my late Beloved's shirts, Anita. Your literacy apron is so cute!

  2. Making aprons out of his shirts is such a thoughtful keepsake. Your family will treasure them, I'm sure. I love pretty aprons, and this gift made me smile.