Cake Pop Roses

The first time I made cake pops, the result was disappointing. But, I don't like defeat. After my initial fiasco, I have learned a few tricks. Use a food processor to make fine cake crumbs to start. This will ensure that you can make a perfectly round cake pop. If you want your cake pops to be a uniform size, weigh the little balls as you make them. Refrigerate the balls before you insert the stick, but leave at room temperature before dipping. I discovered this prevents cracking. Cake pops can be made in any flavor and are a fun treat at a party.

A variation on cake pops is to make them into roses by adding modeling chocolate. These were made as an edible centerpiece for a recent party. I learned to make them from my sister, and she and I made these. There are many instructional videos on sites such as YouTube and Craftsy that give detailed steps on making these.

They are made the same as regular cake pops, except the cake is rolled into an egg shape instead of a round ball. The roses are formed by cutting petals out of modeling chocolate and arranging around the cake pop after it has been dipped in candy melts and has dried. The roses can be make as unopened buds, like mine, or more petals can be added to make an open rose. The stem has been wrapped with floral tape. The finishing touch is ribbon tied into a bow.

The modeling chocolate can be tinted any color, so the possibilities are endless. I used a cake pop stand to display these, but they are also pretty in vases. Your guests may be hesitant to eat them because they look real, but once the first bite is taken, they'll soon disappear.



  1. Oh my goodness, Anita, your cake pop roses are works of edible art! They are stunning!!

  2. Thank you, Kitty! These were part of our 50th anniversary celebration. I loved learning to make them.

  3. I have never seen such beautiful pops! WOW! SOO impressive! So happy I saw this. Absolutely gorgeous!