Cleaning the Pantry

I tackled cleaning the pantry today. Fortunately, since school is out I had Landon here to help me. What a chore. It was a job long overdue. We tried pulling everything out a shelf at a time, then reorganizing and putting everything back. Here's what the hallway looked like after we had pulled out some of it.

I have my cleaning supplies and my paper goods along with food staples in my pantry. I also have room for those extra kitchen appliances that are not needed on a daily basis. We had a lot of stuff to move around. Landon was so much help. He wanted to do all the lifting because he says that work like lifting "puts hair on your chest". I was glad to let him be in charge of that. No chest hair for me, thanks.

Landon put all the canned goods into "families" for me. He liked the really big families that he found, like the 16 cans of cream of mushroom soup. I won't need to add that to my shopping list for a while.

 Landon organized all the shelves.

These shelves look so much better. I should have taken a "before" picture.

I can actually see what's in here now.

The vacuum, broom, and mops are in their designated corner so I don't trip over them.

 The potatoes have their space.

And we made one huge bag of garbage.

Having Landon's help made this chore a lot of fun. He's a hard worker, and we finished the job faster than I could have done it alone. Thanks, Landon, for a job well done.

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