The Nap

Even though the rabbit is not mine I'm still getting quite attached to him. I don't know where he came from, or who he might have once belonged to. I just know that if I don't see him around the neighborhood for a day or more I really begin to worry about him. I think about all the things that could happen to a bunny out in the big world. So today when he came by I was relieved and happy to see him.

He stopped by my porch for something to eat. He really seems to like the mandevilla vines.

I also gave him some carrots and lettuce. He gratefully ate most of that.

After lunch he retired to the corner of the porch. Then he started grooming.

Now that he was spotless and his tummy was full, he decided to sit down and stay a while.

He seemed to be getting pretty comfortable. My presence did not seem to make him nervous at all. In fact, he got so relaxed he dozed off for an afternoon nap.

I sat on my bench and watched him sleep - until his internal clock told him it was time to wake up.

Then he stood up, stretched, and yawned. My, what big teeth you have. What a sight. A rabbit nap is definitely an exciting thing to watch.


  1. Too cute! And yeah, adding a recipe for rabbit stew might be a bit inconsiderate to your guest.

  2. One Sunday after church I went to play with Grandma's (GaGa) rabbits. Most of the small rabbits were not in their cages. Odd. Did GaGa sell all of those bunnies since I was here just a few days ago?

    That Sunday, there was a big plate of oddly shaped "chicken". The ONLY lie that I can EVER remember my GaGa telling me was "yes, honey, of course it is chicken". I must have been about ten years old, and most likely didn't figure it out for another few years.

    I was amazingly ignorant to have grown up on a farm.

  3. I LOVE these posts about this beautiful rabbit. I have had rabbits for pets for many years and I really enjoy them. The pics you took of him/her laying out resting and yawning really reminds me of my last fluffy, velveteen rabbit, Cinnamon. We loved her so much and really miss her ... she was eight years old.

    They love carrots and leafy lettuce but fresh carrot tops are their favorite!

    Just wondering if he/she is still coming around? Your kindness shown to this rabbit really made my day and I hope to see him visit you more often. If you have a fenced in backyard, it may be the perfect refuge for it.

    Rabbits are really clean and easy to house-train ... they have a spot where they like to potty which is always away from where they like to eat, lay or nest.

    I cringe at the thought of a lonely rabbit trying to survive in an area near roadways or a neighborhood. There is always the threat of dogs attacking them and them getting accidentally run over by cars.

    I really hope this little cutie is okay.

    1. IrisJ, I loved that beautiful rabbit too. He came around a few times, then stopped. I want to think whoever he belonged to found him and reclaimed him. Looking back, I wish I had tried to capture him and find his owner. I have also worried about what might have happened to him. He was so beautiful and certainly needed a safe place.