Out of the Kitchen

Today the sun is shining, and I've been outside. After weeks of dreary gray skies and rain it is so nice to see the sun shine, and this makes two days in a row. Today's promise of better weather put me in the mood to get outside and plant something. I really didn't know what that might be, so I went to Lowe's to look around. Here's what I came home with.
I bought some beautiful calla lilies. I've never tried growing them before. The tag said that they like morning sunlight, so I planted them on the East side of my house by the patio. I love all kinds of lilies, but these really caught my eye.
I also came home with two pots of these strawberry plants.
They are so cute. I thought the grand kids would like to watch them grow. I already had one plant that I had started way back before all the rains set in.
This plant has already produced a few ripe strawberries. Landon and I have kept them picked.
My other gardening projects that got a good dose of Miracle-Gro today were my potted blueberry bushes. Here's one of them that I have on the patio.

And last of all here are my sad, sad tomatoes. I set them out on April 7, during a short warm period, but it has been cold and raining almost ever since they were planted. They are blooming, but they are in dire need of sunshine.
Digging in the dirt felt good today. My plants and I were all happy to see the sun shine again.

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