Tomatoes and Blueberries

This spring two of my "gardening" projects include tomatoes and blueberries. I have grown tomatoes before, but this is my first time to try blueberries. Our spring weather was mostly rainy and cold, so nothing got off to a quick start. The weather has been stormy lately, but at least we have seen a number of sunny days in between the rains. Three weeks ago my tomatoes looked like this.

Puny. Yellow. Sickly. Weak. Barely hanging on.

But the sun, the rain, and a little Miracle-Gro have been nothing short of . . .  miraculous. Today the tomatoes look like this.

They have more than tripled their size.

They have blooms.

They have tomatoes.

Nice big tomatoes. The plant variety that I planted is called "Goliath".  The tag says that its fruit size is from 10 - 16 ounces. Sounds good to me.

My blueberries are also doing well. Since this is the first time I have grown them, I didn't know if they would even produce any blueberries this season. My plants are potted and look like little shrubs. Three weeks ago this was one of my blueberry plants.

It was green and leafed out. The cool weather didn't seem to bother it too much.

This is the same blueberry bush today. A little taller and bushier. The biggest difference though is the blueberries.

They are looking so good. None of them have started to change color yet. I'm guessing it will be another month before they will be ripe, but I don't know much about it. They could be ripe tomorrow. I'll just keep watching.

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