The Colors of Summer

I love flowers, big ones, small ones, all kinds of flowers. Back in May, my daughter Angela sent me flowers for Mother's Day.

Pink hydrangeas. I love the pink ones. A past issue of Southern Living magazine had an article about hydrangeas that said if you want your hydrangeas to grow pink blossoms you have to put lime in your soil. Or, if you happen to be a fan of the blue blossoms, you can add garden sulfur to the soil. I'm a pink fan, so I'll be adding lime.

I also love petunias. They come in too many colors to choose just one.

Petunias have such intense and vivid colors.

The day lilies that are blooming right now at my house are orange.

This is a bright and beautiful shade of orange. I have a huge clump of them in a corner.

Nothing could be more striking than the brilliant red of a geranium.

The lantana adds sunny yellow to its orange to attract attention.

My flowers give me a lot of pleasure during the summer months. Some have already come and gone for the year, some are just getting started for the season. All are beautiful, but as I walked around my yard inspecting, admiring and administering water today, one tiny spot of color caught my eye. It wasn't a flower, but its color stood out against the green background. It was a beautiful moment - the moment I saw it -

the first ripe blueberry. I know I must have heard music playing and a crowd cheering. What an occasion. I had no idea how long it would take these little berries to get ripe, but now that one of them has changed color, others will soon follow. Growing blueberries has been a fun experiment this year. The blueberries have just added a little something extra to the colors of summer.

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