I have a group of friends that I eat out with on a regular basis. We meet every 3 or 4 weeks for dinner, or occasionally lunch. There are four of us in the group who are constants. We exchange books we have read, share family news, and generally have a good time. Sometimes we go to movies or visit bookstores together. These friends have come to mean a lot to me over the years. I have worked with each of them at one time or another during my career. We got together last week, but this time we had both a happy occasion along with a sad one. Not everyone could be there last week.

One of our friends is gravely ill. When a person is too sick to eat out with girlfriends, that's when it's classified as grave. Our friend Judy has been so very brave, trying to hang on until the school term was over before she went to the hospital for the treatment that she needed, but as it turned out, that was just not possible. She ended up there anyway. We missed you, Judy. We are praying that you will be well soon.

Here's Judy on one of the evenings we had dinner together last year, right before she hopped into her speedy car and drove away.

Last week when the other girls and I got together, we celebrated my birthday belatedly. Cathy brought me a beautiful necklace and earrings that will jazz up my wardrobe. Tammy brought me an apron, but not just an apron.
This apron is personalized, just for me.

Now, how cute is that? It's funny though, my friends had never even heard of Aunt Nubby until I started my blog. I've always been "Aunt Nubby" to my sister's children and grandchildren, thanks to my sister! They don't know that I have any other name.

Anyway, I loved my birthday party. I loved my gifts. The only gift that could be better would be for Judy to be well again.

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