My Lemon Tree

I really love Meyer lemons. I love them so much I wanted to grow my own Meyer lemon tree, so back on May 22 of this year I ordered one from a plant nursery. I waited and waited for it to be shipped, and finally was notified that it was on its way. The little tree spent six days in transit by truck from California, and when it arrived on June 9, it was all packaged up in a cardboard box. The UPS man left it at my front door.

When I opened the box, there it was, at least what was left of it! Unfortunately, almost every leaf had fallen off, and it was a mere stick after six days in a dark box. But, after reading the instructions, I took the little stick out of the box and gave it a home in a pot on my front porch.

I've had the lemon tree for three weeks now, and it still looks like a stick. I water it and check on it daily. But, today I did notice a tiny bit of a change.

On really close inspection you can see that the little lemon tree has finally started to grow new leaves. 

I'm so proud to see this new growth. I think the little tree really has survived that six day trip in a dark cardboard box. I wonder how long it will take to grow lemons.

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  1. Good luck with your baby tree! I have 2 in my backyard that I'll probably dig up in spring--going on 5 yrs now & very little success & I'm in northern CA where these trees grow all around me! I CAN tell you to plant in a sunny, sheltered area & the soil is everything! Poor soil=poor tree...