The Waiting Vulture

We have a sign in my town that disturbs me. Other people obviously, though, aren't affected by it the way I am. Someone who is a member at the American Legion building maintains the sign, and several years ago, started honoring local veterans by posting their names at the time of their death, a very fitting tribute.

There's just one problem with this tribute. After honoring a veteran and then taking the name off the sign, the keeper of the sign does the disturbing thing. Part of the sign is left up all the time. These leading words are not ever taken down.

This is what makes me cringe when I drive by the sign. It's the waiting vulture. Who will be next? Is this not disturbing to the members at the American Legion? Seems that they would be looking around taking bets on whose name will go up next. Which member's chair will be empty at the next meeting?

It sure would be nice to see some good news on that sign one of these days. The vulture is giving me the creeps.

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