A Weekend With Ginger

This has been a girls' weekend for my granddaughter Ginger and me. Because my daughter was working on Saturday, and my son-in-law Mike and grandson Charlie were gone on a fishing trip to Montana, Ginger and I got to do as we pleased.  Ginger has been learning to sew this summer, so like all good crafters, she had some projects tucked away. She decided this would be a good day to make a pillow.

She decided on a rectangular shape; then measured her trim to fit the total length.

She didn't need much help, she knew how put the right sides together and sandwich the trim in between.

After sewing almost all the way around, she left an opening for stuffing with fiberfill.

And she finished her project in one afternoon.

Ginger is the only granddaughter that I have. At ten-years-old she is athletic yet dainty, funny yet reserved, beautiful yet modest. I'm very proud of her and all the things she is learning to do.