Mission Organization: Week 1 - Labeling the Christmas Decor

This is my first week of the 52 week home organization challenge. The challenge is to declutter and organize a different area of the home each week for an entire year. This seems so overwhelming, I'm not sure where to begin or what to do first. I have looked around the house and there are so many opportunities for improvement.

After my walk through of the house, I decided for this first week that I would start with something most everyone else has probably already done - taking the Christmas tree down and putting the Christmas decor away. Many of you are no doubt efficient like my daughter Susan, who put all her Christmas decor away on December 26th and never gave it another thought.

This year, I wanted to organize everything as I packed it away for the year, so I decided not to put anything in the closet until each container had been labeled.

I printed labels and slipped them into sheet protectors . . .


. . . then started filling my tubs with all the decor. I packed away tubs of Angels . . .

. . . the Stockings, Tree Skirt and Topper, and Santas.

I sorted and packed until everything had a place.

The stack got taller and taller.

At least next Christmas when I get ready to decorate the tree and I pull out the tubs, I'll know which one to open first to find what I'm looking for.

Next week I'm going to do some de-cluttering, wish me luck.


  1. Gosh Anita. I thought I had a lot of stuf when I filled 3 of those plastic tubs! LOL At least your organised this time, hey? Good job.

    Anne xx

  2. Fantastic. Wish i had done mine like that. Might pull them out and redo them!

  3. Looks like a great start! Best of luck with the challenge:@)

  4. This is perfect. Can you come over and do this with mine as well? =o)

  5. Good for you! I'm ahead this year, since we didn't get any decorating done with illness, etc. Our boxes look very similar.
    Beckie in Brentwood, TN

  6. Love it! Every year I want to do something like this, but I quickly put the decorations in a box and shut it. Goiod for you.

  7. My mom has about twice that much and it has always been in cardboard boxes, bags, about 25% of her attic and it was so unorganized that when she couldn't find something she went and bought another. This year we finally convinced her to LABEL and ORGANIZE. Congrats to you, I'm sure you'll thank yourself in December!