Mission Organization: Week 2 - My Desk

This section of my desk is just to the right of my computer chair and is easily accessible. I keep my printer paper, envelopes, and file folders there. Unfortunately, because it is close to my chair, sometimes I stash other things there as well - things that don't belong there! Well, it looks all right . . .

. . . until you open the door. I have a ton of things stuffed into this small space. So, I'm going to just start by taking it all out.

After sorting through everything, here are the items that do not belong on these shelves. Some are trash, others simply belong elsewhere.

One thing I found among all the clutter was a big stack of my medical records. What were they doing in there?

I also had a lot of my aquarium supplies in that cabinet, which is no place to keep these things. They are moving to a bigger basket and a new home.

After all the clutter was weeded out, there was actually room for what belonged in the small shelves by my computer chair. I even had enough space to add a box of greeting cards that had been stored in the bedroom closet.

So you ask, What about the rest of your desk, is it neat and tidy?
Well, noooooooo, but I don't want to shock anyone with the mess, or overwhelm myself with a chore that is too big, so I think it is better to break it down into manageable parts. I'll save the rest for another week. I'm happy with this week's project; it was way past time for an overhaul of those shelves.  

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  1. Anita,
    I have a lot of little cabinets that need organizing. You are giving me instpiration to takle one or two of them. Good job.