Mission Organization: Week 3 - My Shower

My shower is a lot like my desk. As long as you don't open it, everything is fine. Just keep the curtain closed, because when you open it you will discover that I'm a hair care product junkie. I don't wait until I run out of shampoo or conditioner to buy more. My shower is stuffed full of them.

I have them stacked on any ledge that will hold bottles.

My shower caddy is full of bottles.

Every space that has a space has bottles. Each one of those bottles has to be picked up every time I clean the shower too. What a lot of wasted energy.

I emptied the shower and counted 15 bottles, and those are just the products that are IN the shower.

I have another problem with the products in my shower. When I take off my glasses and get in the shower, I can't read the labels on the containers. Usually the shampoo and conditioner containers are so similar that I forget which is which. Can anyone relate? You probably have to be "past a certain age" to get just how annoying this is.

I decided to make my life easier and label the shampoo and conditioner. I used a Sharpie and labeled these tubes with the letters "C" and "S" in a large font so that I could read them without my glasses.

I'm working on breaking my addiction to all those hair care products. I put everything away except one shampoo and one conditioner for the shower. I'll use those until they are empty, then I'll have plenty of choices for replacements. My shower looks so much nicer without all the clutter of too many bottles. It will also be much easier to clean without all the bottles to move and wipe under. Marking the products so I can easily identify them will save me some frustration when I'm in a hurry. This might even save me some money too, I won't need to buy shampoo for quite a while.


  1. I also share the 'hair product addiction'. Maybe we should start a support group. Hi..My name is Crystal and I'm a hair product addict. ;) Your shower looks fantastic, and I love the S & C on the shampoo and conditioner, what a fantastic idea! Thanks for joining up with me on this challenge!

  2. I too am at the age where I can't tell what product I'm using. Since reading glasses don't belong in the shower I love your idea! I'm getting out the sharpie right now.
    Have a great weekend Anita!

  3. You make me laugh, I am at that age of wearing and needing the glasses so the shampoo bottle in sitting in the tub and the conditioner is on the shelve. I liked your big font's maybe I should try that. Andi

  4. This post reminds me of the movie, "Friends with Money." It was a Jen Aniston flick and one character gave up washing her hair when she found herself in a funk. She said it was because all of the countless bottles she owned were her still finding hope that in one of those bottles her hair would magically transform, but none ever worked out so she quit. I still have the faith and countless bottles stuffed in my cabinets ; )

  5. We have a similar problem but with loofahs, scrubbers, mitts, and poufs! haha!

  6. Anita - thanks for letting me use your layouts! I linked to you!

  7. Shampoo and conditioner are not my big "hoarding" areas, but shower gels are! I get alot! As far as shampoo and conditioner, I have two that I love and I alternate them. It keeps my hair guessing! lol! I also have two "benches" in my shower. The far end keeps the shampoo bottles and the water faucet end keeps the conditioner. I started this long ago (when I could still see), just because it's so stinkin early when I take a shower that I can't think!! :-)

  8. Anita, you're too funny!! I loved reading about your addiction to hair products!! Your shower looks so neat & tidy now...way to go!!

  9. Hi, I'm so glad I found your blog! I've bookmarked some of your recipes to try! They all look so good! I love how you post a lot of pictures of the cooking process. I like seeing what its supposed to look like! =]

    God bless,


  10. Hi Anita,

    Regarding not being able to see, a lot of people have that problem in the shower and not just because of their eyesight. Some people keep their eyes closed so shampoo doesn't fall in their eyes.

    I wish I could take credit for this, but I can't. Ages ago, someone told me they put a piece of masking tape near the top of their conditioner. That way they could just feel the bottles. The plain one was shampoo and the one where she could feel the line of tape was the conditioner. She never had a problem telling them apart after that and still kept her eyes closed.

    Maybe that will help you too!