Valentine Boxes

I will be returning home today after a week long visit with my daughter's family. It has been a great week. I did some cooking and baking, I took the children to school each morning and picked them up in the afternoon. I even managed to do a bit of shopping in between. The children's school was closed yesterday for a teacher records day, so we were able to spend the day at home together while their parents were working.

One project the children had to complete this week was their Valentine's boxes for school. Having worked in schools for more than twenty years, I know how important it is for a child to be able to take a special box to school to collect those Valentine cards. Valentine's Day holds almost the same level of excitement at school as Christmas time for children.

My grandson's Valentine box was made from a empty soft drink can box and some wrapping paper with one end left open.

Each side of the box has a shark body cut from foam sheets that have been glued on, with a fin attached. A tail was glued to the back of the box, and a fin to the top of the box.

At the open end of box, shark teeth were added. This is where Charlie will receive Valentine cards from his friends, right through the shark's open mouth.

The granddaughter decided on a Lego creation for her Valentine's box this year. Hers is quite elaborate, and her dad will be taking her to school and helping her get it inside safely so that it doesn't get broken apart before she gets it into her classroom.

Her friends will be able to drop the cards into the opening at the top of the building.

I'd like to see all the Valentine boxes that the other children bring to the classrooms today. I'm sure both the kids will have a great time with their friends at school celebrating Valentine's Day. I don't expect I'll be needing a box to collect any cards in today, but I've always liked Valentine's Day. Happy Valentine's Day to you.


  1. They both did a really great job! I love them!

  2. What great Valentine boxes!! So glad you shared that. Happy Valentine's Day Anita!!

  3. What cutie-pies you were able to spend the week with!! What creative Valentine boxes they made, Anita!! Happy Valentine's Day to you!!

  4. Oh how FUN! Very creative kiddos and no doubt, they enjoyed having you there with them...especially when parents are working, and there's no school. I LOVE doing that! Thanks for sharing -

  5. Sounds like you had a good visit, and had some fun along the way. Love the boxes all we ever did was the white bakery bags and red paper and doilies....But those were good times. Andi

  6. What creative kids! Those valentine boxes are awesome! Sounds like you had a wonderful visit!

  7. What cool projects!! What a nice time you had with your grandkids :) Thanks for linking up. Can't wait to see what you have this week :)