Making a Tied Fabric Wreath

There may be as many ways to make fabric wreaths as there are crafters who make them. Some are made with short pieces of fabric tied on wire forms, others are made with squares of fabric pinned to straw forms, still others are made with pieces of fabric that are hot glued to a form, and the list goes on.

The fabric wreath that I have made is a tied fabric wreath using longer pieces of fabric.

I started with a 12-inch straw form. Once you select your form, then you need to cut a strip of fabric and test it to see how long you want it to be. The strip will need to be long enough to wrap all the way around the wreath form and tie in a knot with loose ends, so the thicker your form, the longer the fabric strip will need to be.

I  used pinking shears to cut strips of fabric 18 inches long for my form. It is not important that the strips all be exactly the same width, the width can vary. I used about 1/2 yard of each fabric to make the wreath.

Wrap the strips around the form and secure by tying in a knot. Keep the strips close together so that the wreath form is completely covered.

Keep working around the wreath, tying the strips of fabric and keeping them pushed close together. After all the knots were tied, I embellished the wreath with a small sock money.


My wreath was made to hang in my laundry room to go with the new ironing board that was made from the same print. My laundry room had absolutely no decor before, but now the little sock monkey will be keeping a watchful eye over all the washing and ironing activities at my house. I think I'll enjoy having him around.


  1. How cute! I love the sock monkey wreath! I like this tied fabric wreath...you make it sound really easy, so I may have to try it! I think I'll like it much better than the hot glue!! :)

  2. Sock Monkey Wreath! How cute and creative!

  3. How appropriate for a laundry room! The sock monkey can keep an eye on all those socks so they don't disappear! LOL! That is too cute! I have to make one of these. I think I made one many moons ago but forgot how to do it. Did you make the sock monkey too! I used to live in the town where the original red toe socks were made in Rockford, Illinois. In fact, I have a kit for one and that's how I knew. You are so creative...and thanks for sharing as I have very little creativity in me! LOL!

  4. Great job! I love the fabrics you chose. Thanks for sharing with us at Link It Up Thursday.