Mission Organization: Week 10 - Kitchen Storage

My mission this week was to get my kitchen storage better organized. I have a couple of those pull out shelves on one side of my range, and I have not been using them to their best advantage. I've had them stuffed full of odds and ends that I seldom use, which is a shame because they are so handy. I started by removing everything out of the shelves and giving them a good wiping down.

There were some roasters and various pans in both shelves that are are infrequently used.

I probably use nothing in either of these shelves more than 2 to 4 times a year. What a waste of premium space.


I decided to put my casserole dishes in one of the shelves. I use them several times a week. I put their metal stands in the shelf beside them so I can find them when I need them too.

In the top pull out, I put my glass bowls that I use daily for prep and leftovers. These are in constant use for one thing or another. I added a small basket to contain their lids. I'm trying to move away from using plastic bowls because of the BPA issue, so I have several of these glass sets.  I haven't yet weeded out my clutter of plastic though, so that's a mission for another week.

The two finished pull out shelves now have items that I am likely to need on a daily basis. I'll push those roasters to the back corner of a dark cabinet until they are needed and enjoy having the items I use close at hand.


  1. You go girl! I started cleaning mine out and then got side tracked somehow but my goal now to give the house a good "once over" thorough cleaning and then go back and do cupboards and drawers. It look so nice! I love your pretty colored casserole dishes.

  2. Congratulations on all your organizations. I want the pull out shelves! I really do want to overhaul my cabinets since my back is ailing and I seem to be shrinking faster than I imagined at this age!

  3. You are one busy lady...love all the organizing...it's inspiring me to do the same!