Mission Organization: Week 13 - My Coffee Cupboard Runneth Over

The cabinet above my coffee maker is a little over stuffed. I keep a supply of coffee, coffee filters, and mugs there. I also keep tea and hot chocolate mixes along with straws. It all sort of made sense at one time, but it has gotten really cluttered. My mission this week was to reorganize this cabinet.

I just emptied the cabinet to begin with and wiped it all out. After sorting through the mugs and choosing my husband's favorite ones, this is the group I had left to discard. Is it any wonder there wasn't room for anything? Who needs this many mugs for morning coffee?

When I was decluttering, I had to rescue this mug. It's one that a favorite student gave me many, many years ago. I kept this mug at school for years and had coffee in it every day. There are too many happy memories to let this one go.

Here's an item that is long overdue to be discarded. I haven't had a coffee maker that uses this basket type of filters in many months. These are being moved to the craft supplies.

After the purging and decluttering I found that I had an entire empty shelf, so I moved the to-go coffee cups from another cabinet over to this one. Now that makes sense, I think. I also added some small baskets to keep similar items together.

One basket is for coffee filters.

Another basket is for teas.

Hot chocolate mixes fill a third basket.

All those extra mugs can be donated and there are still plenty left.

The extra coffee is in the cabinet, but I filled one of my Fiestaware canisters with coffee and set it beside the coffee maker for everyday use.

I'm very happy with my coffee cabinet reorganization. It's so nice not to have everything crowded and stacked here, I just need to apply this to the rest of the kitchen.


  1. My favorite gift mug from a student broke recently, so it makes me happy to see that you still have yours. You did a fantastic job on this organization project (as always)!

  2. Yay, you kept my coffee creamer!! Great job!!

  3. You go girl! What is that about these cupboards anyway? How do they get so messed up? I've never understood that. Maybe if we stopped using them they'd stay straightened up? LOL!
    BTW those coffee filters are great in the bottom of your plant pots for keeping the soil from running out the bottom. I just learned that one last year.
    Did I tell you I made your Best Ever Pork Chops? I featured you on a post and they were out of this world! Check out my recipe today...it's a keeper too. Thanks again for your blog...I love it! I'll get to my cupboards when it gets too hot outside to work out there. I hibernate inside when it gets hot! Have a great weekend!

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