Mission Organization: Week 16 - The Dryer

The dryer did not start out as my mission this week, I had something else in mind altogether. I only decided to post this as my mission after I realized how much of a fire hazard a dryer can be right under our noses. I was appalled at how much lint I found when I cleaned mine, and I know if this could happen to me it could possibly happen to someone else.

My dryer has one of these lint filters in the front when you open the door. I clean it out every time I put in a load of clothes. There are few other things that I am this on the ball about, but I do keep the lint filter cleaned out. When I cleaned it out one day this week, I noticed that underneath the filter I could see a lot of lint down in the dryer wall.

So I got my handy, dandy long brush tool and started brushing it out. That's when I realized there was really a lot of lint in there.

I pulled the dryer out from the wall and checked inside the vent hose at the back. It was almost completely full of lint. I brushed and vacuumed and cleaned it out, and was totally disgusted with the whole mess.

THIS is what I sucked out of my dryer. Unbelievable. How bad does it have to get to start a fire? I always thought that if I was keeping my lint filter clean, then everything was fine with the dryer. I hope no one else has a lint build-up like mine, but please check just to be on the safe side. A house fire would be a very bad thing.


  1. Good post of the good job...lovely one


  2. Ugh! I'm headed down to do mine here shortly! :/ Not too excited about it, but will rest easier tonight for sure!
    Thanks for the info!

  3. Great job on cleaning your dryer so thoroughly. I just cleaned my sewing machine and overlocker the other day and I felt excited with every big clump of lint I removed. Is that strange?
    Anyway, you put me to shame with how clean it is behind your dryer.

  4. Whoa Nellie! I am SO glad you cleaned it....that did not look good as far a fire potential! I don't use my dryer much but I still need to clean it and I will after your post! thank you!

  5. WOW! I don't have a dryer but this is a great help to those who do. thank you

  6. Thanks, Anita! I worry about this issue in the dryer, too. I appreciate the reminder.

  7. Glad to have found you - followed via a *pin* ;-) Great job on the lint collection - my dryer stopped running this winter, and I worked on our lint situation. I can't believe HOW much I got out either - I really think it was a fire waiting to happen. Excited to peruse your blog - wonderful recipes!