Mission Organization: Week 19 - Cake Supplies

Many of my cake decorating supplies, such as tips, food coloring, and disposable frosting bags, are kept in a special case in my pantry. Those items stay organized with no problem, but some of my other cake supplies such as cupcake liners and decorative picks are kept in a small basket, and over time those items have become numerous and untidy.

There are more cupcake liners and picks than the basket will hold, so many of them have overflowed to the pantry shelf. My mission this week is to get all my cake supplies in order so that I can easily see what I have in stock.

I emptied out the basket and separated the seasonal picks from the cupcake liners. I decided that I needed larger storage baskets for these supplies.

I filled one basket with cupcake liners.

I divided a second basket with file folders that I had cut to fit and labeled for the holidays so the cupcake picks could be separated and found easily when needed.

The cake supplies look much neater on the pantry shelf in the larger baskets. I can pick these up and find what I need without all the supplies falling out now. The baskets stack on top of the case, so everything is compact without taking up unnecessary space. One more small mission finished, so many more to go.


  1. Oh! You have a pantry! How wonderful! Why did they stop making pantries? I'm almost tempted to put my washer and dryer down in the basement again and turn that laundry room into a pantry! LOL! I have friends that don't understand all my "cooking and baking stuff" but they don't really cook! They go out or order in, even on Christmas so no wonder their kitchens stay so neat! They never use them! And they don't have as much equipment to store.LOL!
    I'm just starting to do the cupcake thing and I just bought those polka dot liners yesterday! they're SO cute! I need to gather it all up in one place otherwise I end up buying duplicates. Love the idea of the lidded tote too! Thanks and Happy Mother's Day!

  2. Love the idea of the files! I opened my cupboard today and a bunch of cupcake liners fell out. I really need to get all that stuff organized, so thanks for the inspiration and ideas!

  3. I'm telling you...you're the Queen of Organization! What great ideas you share with us.

  4. You did good. That will surely save time!