Mission Organization: Week 20 - The Kitchen Drawers

I didn't really choose this week's mission - it more or less chose me. As I was driving home from the Nashville area last Sunday, my husband called to tell me that the cabinet maker we had talked to about redoing our kitchen cabinets would be at our house with his crew first thing Monday morning. What that meant for me was that as soon as I arrived home (after almost two weeks away) I would need to start unloading drawers, etc., in the kitchen.

In my hurry panic to get everything done on Sunday evening I forgot to make any before pictures of the drawers as they were, but take my word, they were in need of a reorganization. Since they all had to be emptied, this week was the perfect time to purge and get them into a better order.

For the drawers that had a lot of loose items I emptied them into plastic tubs so I could go through the contents.

Of my fifteen drawers that had to be emptied, I did have ONE drawer that was already organized - my spice drawer.

I had organized this drawer several months ago as a solution to the problem of never being able to find the spice jar I was looking for in my upper cabinet. This method is still working very well for me. To empty this drawer all I had to do was lift these trays out.

My towel drawer got a straightening.

This small drawer is for my dishcloths and rubber gloves.

I had several seasonal napkin packages that needed organizing.

The everyday flatware drawer got sorted out.

This big drawer holds all my foil, plastic wrap, parchment paper, and wrappings of all kinds.

This drawer full of my "playthings" was probably the most cluttered. I attempted to sort and get an order to this one.

These two kitchen desk drawers had a lot of stuff to discard. They came up almost empty afterward.

This drawer holds hot pads and trivets.


This drawer might be called the "junk drawer" but it is just an assortment of unrelated items.

Every drawer got a makeover and so did my kitchen cabinets! It was a big week for my kitchen.


  1. Wow! What did the cabinet people do? Your drawers look great....I only have 3 so I'm not sure mine will ever look that good! LOL!

  2. You did very well considering you had little warning. Looks very well organized and I'm sure it feels wonderful!

  3. I love those little plastic bins! They come in so handy!

  4. Wow, great job! You did a super job with little notice. I only have 5 drawers...2 of which are extremely tiny. :-( To have a spacious kitchen would be a dream for me!