Mission Organization: Week 22 - The Wrapping Paper

Back in January when I accepted Crystal's challenge at Mrs. Happy Homemaker to join her in Mission Organization for the year, I knew that I would be wading through a few of my household messes that have needed attention for a while. I wanted the motivation of sharing my organization so it would help to keep me on track, and so far it has worked. I have managed to get something extra done every week this year, and I'm so glad that Crystal motivated me to get started.

The drawback to participating in Mission Organization is revealing just how much I need to get organized! This week I have tackled my wrapping paper, and it was a mess. I have just been stuffing it back and it had no organization at all.

This is where I have kept my wrapping paper in an extra bedroom. It looks like an innocent enough piece of furniture . . .

. . . until you open the doors! Scream! It's pretty obvious that I need an intervention. 

When I need to wrap a gift or a package to mail, I first dig through this mess to find the paper I need, then I find the scissors and tape elsewhere in the house and take everything to the kitchen island because that is the only flat surface in the house that is big enough to accommodate wrapping. After giving the situation some thought, I decided that what I needed was a central place for all the supplies that would be handy to the kitchen island. One option was an organizer device that attaches to the inside of a closet door, but after thinking about it, I decided I didn't want to see the gift wrap every time I opened the closet.

I came up with this trunk that had some toys stored in it. I emptied it and moved it to the kitchen. 
Then I started sorting and organizing the wrapping paper and supplies.

I started with the rolls of paper. I trimmed off the crumpled ends and used empty cardboard rolls that have been split down the side to hold them in place. I have tried rubber bands before to hold my paper rolls, but they always seem to tear the paper.

I got some plastic tubs and filled them with my wrapping supplies. This one holds different kinds of ribbon.

This one has some additional bow making supplies.

This little container holds gift tags.

The gift tag container fits into a larger container that holds scissors and tape.

I managed to find a supply of gift bags in the midst of the clutter.

The tissue paper got its own box. Now that the supplies are separated, organized, and boxed, I can stash them in the trunk. I have some bubble wrap on the right hand side, all the containers near the front, the rolls of wrapping behind that, and the gift bags behind the wrapping paper. The trunk is sitting in my kitchen underneath a window, so it will also be useful to set a plant on to get some sun.

The armoire in the bedroom is now empty, so hopefully I will find a better use for it than being a wrapping paper disaster station.


  1. I always find wrapping paper so hard to keep organized. Yours looks so nice and neatly organized :)

  2. Your trunk sure came in handy and now you gained all that space in the armoire!

  3. I need to join that Mission Organization! Will she start it up next January again? I know you've done great this year. I didn't pick up on the fact it was a group thing. I just thought it was you...all by your lonesome! LOL!
    That trunk is awesome with everything in it you need! I like the way you thought it through as to what your requirements were before you started. And the toilet paper roll holder thingy is a SUPER idea! I still have the rubber bands and you're right...they rip the paper! I have gotten so many great ideas, recipes and product news from you and I truly appreciate it! BTW....where are all those toys? You didn't stuff them in that armoire did you? LOL!

  4. Oh, great idea! Thanks for the inspiration, my supplies are a mess too.

  5. i love the way you used the cardboard rolls to hold the rolls together- i will be doing this!

  6. Genius! Love the toilet roll idea.Thanks for sharing

  7. What great tips! I love to organize and keep things handy!

  8. These are really great tips Anita. Even your "before" solution was better than mine. I just keep Christmas gift wrap in a box in the attic and the wrap for birthday and other occassions stuffed all over the house. Having it all together might actually help me want to wrap said packages. Normally I just grab a gift bag since I won't want to hunt for things. Some day I need to get organized like you have. Thanks again for joining me at Your Cozy Home Party!

  9. Great ideas! I love the one for toilet rolls over the rolls of paper - clever!