Mission Organization: Week 23 - Under the Kitchen Sink

The mission this week was a simple one to organize. I don't keep a lot of things under my kitchen sink, but the ones I had stored there were looking pretty cluttered and needed some attention.

I moved all the items out and sorted them. I had basically two types of things stored under the sink - cleaning supplies and plant food items. In order to keep the items together I grouped them into containers. This will make it easier to find what I'm searching for when I reach under the sink for an item.

I now have one basket for some basic cleaning things that I like to have handy and another basket for plant food and fertilizers that I use for my houseplants.

I didn't spend much time working on this mission, but I like the results. I think having the items sorted in containers will be an improvement under my sink.

1 comment:

  1. You're right..I think containing like items is the key. I don't have too much mess under my sink but things do get knocked over alot and that would prevent that too. Simple but really great ideas! Thanks, as always!