A Golf Cake for the Seventh

My grandson celebrated his seventh birthday this week. My own children grew up in a blink, but my grandchildren are growing up at an even faster pace. It seems that it was only yesterday when I was putting up safety latches and gates, and now he's into golf clubs, soccer balls, and four wheelers. When I asked Landon what sort of cake he'd like baked for his birthday this year, his reply was that he wanted a number seven and a golf cake. This is what I came up with to fulfill his wish.

I learned that my niece Kristy had a cake pan that would bake numeral and letter shapes, so I was eager to borrow it for Landon's cake. After using the pan I was totally in love with it, so I bought one for myself from Amazon.

Talk about speedy shipping; my new pan has already been delivered. The pan is divided into a grid and comes with 12 spacers that are used to create any numeral or letter in either a large or a small size. The booklet that comes with the pan has clear instructions with pictures that show how to arrange the spacers to create the cake you want. Cool pan.

I'm not a great cake decorator, but I can get by for family birthdays and events. I also added a new tip for this cake, the grass tip #233 that I used for the top borders. A little plastic golf cart, a buttercream golf ball, and some fondant lettering completed Landon's cake.

Happy seventh birthday, Landon!


  1. I'm glad you enjoyed your pan and thanks for showing how it works. Your cake looks great! Dad's work place got him a golf cake a few years ago and it had a little cart like that on it. He still had it at home in his office. Happy Birthday to Landon!

  2. What a cutie pie Landon is! And your cake looks amazing!

  3. I think your decorating skills are just perfect Anita! Well done. I need to get me one of those cake pans I think.

    Anne xx

  4. Those cakes came out great, Happy Birthday Landon!

  5. Cute as can be! You did a fabulous job on both ~ I applaud you.


  6. Anita, I had no idea what a talented cake baker and decorator you are! It looks like a professional did it! How cute is that? I wondered how people did those numbers....now I know!
    I can't do frosting to save my soul. What a wonderful gift to your grandson. I bet he was thrilled when he saw it!