I Must Have Been Wearing My Lucky Pants

This past week must have been the luckiest week of my life! I don't usually consider myself the "lucky" type, but after all that happened last week, I believe that I now can be called "officially lucky".

First of all I heard from Shannon at Cozy Home Scenes that I was a winner at her Grill, BBQ, and Picnic Party. Shannon sent me an Amazon gift certificate for $25 because the Baked Potato Salad that I took to her party got the most views.

Thank you Shannon, and thanks to all who looked at the Potato Salad! I haven't spent the gift certificate yet because I want to spend it wisely, but I might just spend it on something fun for my kitchen! Has anyone seen the new color of Fiestaware that came out this summer,  Flamingo?

Then I heard from Diane at The Checkered Apple that I was the winner of her 4th of July giveaway to end her Patriotic Link Party! Diane has already got that package in the mail, and it has arrived all the way from California to my door! I have proudly displayed my prize on my mantel to help us celebrate the holiday! Now I just need to try to make some of those adorable Cinnamon Stick Firecrackers that Diane has on her blog to go with it!

Diane's package had a surprise in it too.

She also sent this beautiful kitchen towel from her trip to Solvang recently with two of her friends. When I read about their trip I was wishing I could be there too for all of the great sight-seeing and fun, and now I have my own memento! Thank you so much Diane!

And if two wins weren't enough, I got an email from Erin at Making Memories with Your Kids that I had also won her giveaway of the set of Trudeau Stress Less Kitchen Tools! This set includes:

Stress Less Rotary Cheese Grater

Stress Less Salt Mill

Stress Less Easy Grind Pepper Mill

Stress Less Safety Can Opener

Stress Less Garlic Press

Stress Less Pizza Cutter

What could be better than new toys for the kitchen! I can't wait to try these new Stress Less kitchen tools out; just their name makes me happy! Thank you Erin, I will think of you when I am using my tools!

So could it be my lucky pants? Maybe, I'll keep them on and enjoy all the cool prizes, but I think the really good luck is in making all these wonderful blogging friends, Shannon, Diane, and Erin! Thank you all so much!


  1. Congrats on all your fantastic prizes Anita! I know the kitchen tools will be put to good use, and I bet the towel will be adorable in your kitchen. The sign is very cute too. Can't wait to see what you spend your gift card on. Thanks again for visiting my blog! Have a wonderful 4th of July!

  2. How fun! Congrats on your wins and by all means... don't change those pants:@)
    PS-Happy 4th of July-enjoy!

  3. Awesome! Congrats, and I agree with Happier, keep the britches!

  4. What a lucky girl! I'm so happy for you Anita! Enjoy all of your terrific gifts!

  5. I hope you went and bought a ticket in the lottery Anita! Well done!

    Anne xx

  6. Yeah! I need to borrow thoswe pants!!! Congrats on all your wins! And I'm soooooo glad you won ours! I just love your blog and love all of your sweet comments all the time! Happy 4th!

  7. You lucky pants and your lucky socks too! Congrats!

  8. Holy Cannoli Moli! You are lucky but it couldn't have happened to a nicer person! I love all your prizes! You go girl!

  9. Wow, Anita, you struck it rich! Hooray for you!! Congratulations!!

  10. That is wonderful, I am so happy for you! You are a sweetie and deserve it all and more.