Mission Organization: Week 27 - My Closet i.e. The Black Hole

Somehow my closet got out of control. It didn't happen all at once, it built up over time. I outgrew some clothes, and pushed them back when I replaced them with a larger size. The shelves became cluttered with stuff, and it became harder to find what I needed. I threw a pair of shoes in the floor and forgot to put them away. . . a few times. Finally, I knew my mission had to be to tackle my closet i.e. the dreaded "black hole".

I didn't tackle it all in one day, I have been working on my closet for several weeks, on and off. In my younger years I would have pulled everything out one day in a massive clean-out and got the job done quickly. But now just the thought of cleaning like that makes all the blood drain from my face. I simply don't have the energy to do it all at once. I'm afraid that if I dragged everything out of the closet at once now it might end up sitting there for a few days while I rested up and got back to the job.

In looking at the "black hole" I saw two big problems. One was there were too many clothes stuffed into the closet. I needed to go through the clothing and purge the ones that I could no longer wear. I had hung onto them long enough. The second problem I saw was that I had too many loose shoes. I had the boxes stacked on the closet shelves, but I rarely returned the pair I had worn to its proper box.

This is how I had all my clothing stuffed into the closet - there's not much room to slip another hanger in.

This lower rod doesn't look quite as crowded as the upper, but about half of these slacks are no longer my size.

The shelves were stacked and messy.

One of the first things that I did on this overhaul was to change my hangers to this non-slip kind. I've heard good reviews from friends about hangers like these. Purging the clothes took longer than any other part of the mission. I tried a lot of them on, I guess as a last hope that they might fit again.

This is a stack that I had after one of my purging days.

I dealt with the shoe problem by getting rid of all the boxes and adding these shoe cubbies. These are from Lowe's. They came unassembled, but they are not difficult to put together. These only require a Phillips screwdriver and a hammer to assemble, and fortunately I had my toolbox, so I didn't have to hunt for any tools. If I can build them, anyone can!

I decided to move the slacks to the upper rod with the jacket and skirts.

I moved my tops to the lower rod, and nothing is crowded!

This unit serves as extra drawer space for pajamas and undies.

Some baskets for organization - one for socks, another for gloves, and a third for flip flops.

I decided to use a basket for the flip flops instead of putting them in the cubbies with the other shoes.

My scarf rack was the only part of the closet that was in order and didn't have to be organized or straightened. 

This mission took quite a while to finish, but I think I got rid of the "black hole".

I have no business association with Lowe's or the products mentioned in this post; I just love organizing.


  1. What a great job Anita. Wanna come and do mine? LOL

    Anne xx

  2. I absolutely love doing that sort of organizing. I think it must be a sickness. :) The thing is though, I clean and organize things, only to turn right around and do the same things I did that trashed it the first time. Blessings from a fellow Arkansan, Marlene

  3. Everything looks great Anita! Keep up the good work! When I buy something new I always get rid of something old and that way there is always space in my clothes closet. Same goes for my linen closets.

  4. Wow, Anita, you are super organized! I love your re-do on your closet.

  5. Wonderful job! I love the shoe cubby! Is it wood? I don't need it for shoes but I could use it for something else.
    This is one area I don't need to worry about (the only one probably!) I am not a clothes horse and now that I'm retired I need them even less. I don't go to weddings or funerals so I don't need anything dressy anymore (I hate dressing up for anything) and I refuse to wear any heels anymore so I have really cleaned out a lot and never had that much to begin with. LOL! Plus, I live alone with 3 bedroom closets, a linen closet and a hall closet. I'm good to go! LOL! The RA has done much of it for me...I just have to dress for comfort now...a blessing in disguise!
    You really did a nice job though and I have many other areas that could use your expertise!