Mission Organization: Week 29 - Unclogging a Drain the Simple Way

Before I get into my mission this week, I want you all to know how much it meant to me to know that you were wishing me well as I was battling the kidney stone. The battle is not completely over, but most of the time I am feeling much better now, so hopefully I will be back to my normal self soon.

Sometimes I have a tendency to get a little "compulsive" about certain things, and one of those things has become my weekly Mission Organization posts. So stone or no stone, I felt compelled to complete a home project this week for my mission. My goal is to get through this year with an extra project completed each week.

My household drains are something I never think about unless they are not functioning properly. My bathtub has been draining lately at the speed of slow molasses, and it needed an intervention before the drain was totally clogged. In fact, it must have been on the verge of being totally stopped up, because I would pull the plug to let it drain, then find it still filled with water 20 minutes later. I think it must have been dripping out only a drop at a time.

This book, Extraordinary Uses for Ordinary Things, is a household resource that I often consult in situations like this.

According to the book, the solution for a slow or clogged drain is to pour one cup of baking soda into the drain followed by 1 cup of hot vinegar (heat the vinegar in the microwave for 1 minute). Give this combination several minutes to work, then flush with 1 quart of boiling water. This can be repeated if necessary.

This was such a simple way to get my bathtub draining quickly again. There was nothing extra for me to buy, and it took only a few minutes to unclog the drain. My bathtub is draining freely now. I am very impressed with this method because there are no harsh chemicals, just ordinary vinegar and baking soda, and it works!


  1. Wow, that sounds too easy! Good to know it worked and I'm glad you're feeling better:@)

  2. This is so timely - I just noticed my shower was backing up a bit this morning. Thanks
    PS Glad you are a bit better

  3. Oh, I missed that Anita. I'm sorry to hear about you having a kidney stone. Hope it's all better soon. I love the good old baking soda and vinegar trick down the sink. Wishing you well.

    Anne xx

  4. Nice to hear you're now feeling a little better! Great tip on the drain too!

  5. I'm sorry to hear you are having troubles...I had a kidney stone removed last year. It was so painful, but I felt so much better after it was out! Hope you feel better soon....

  6. Anita, I'm so sorry to hear about your kidney stone. My hubby has had more than his share--they are not fun!
    I do love your simple solution to clean a drain. I have a slow drain, I think I will try it.

  7. I am very sorry to hear you have a kidney stone, I have heard how painful that is. Hope you get to feeling better real soon! Thanks for the tip on cleaning the drain, I am going to try that! Hugs, Lynn

  8. I hope this finds you feeling better Anita! As I told you before, I know what that pain is like. The first time I had it, I didn't know what in the world it was and went to the ER. I do like your idea for clearing the drain. I will try this and it probably would be great just for maintenance on drains.

  9. This sounds like such an easy tip. This will be very useful since these are products we all have around the house. So glad to hear you're feeling better.

  10. So glad to see you posting again! I hope you to continue to be "on the mend" and that those dang stones are gone once and for all!
    This was a great tip! Many people talk about it but never give you the exact measurements or procedure but you do....one the many reasons I follow you religiously.
    Plus, I just plain like you! LOL! Hope all remains well....any good snack recipes for that's all I'll be eating for the 2 weeks of the Olympics! LOL! I'll going to be a couch potato surrounded by fiber projects!

  11. My 1938 tub and yours must hang together at recess...lol...

    Hope you are feeling better, friend.

  12. Here's a gift for you....get better soon!



  13. I have heard stories of kidney stones, I am sending you as much good vibes, prayers as sympathy as I have, hang in there. Thank you for the do it yourself drain de-clogger.