Mission Organization: Week 30 - The Microwave Oven

My microwave oven is one of the handiest appliances that I own. If I decide that I would like to have a baked sweet potato for lunch, I can have one in minutes in my microwave oven. I also use the microwave for its speed when making recipes that require melted butter or chocolate. At my house our microwave also gets a good workout heating leftovers.

Those kinds of microwave cooking jobs can mean splatters and a mess if someone should forget to cover the food.

As you can see, that has happened at my house before! It is very distressing to me to open the microwave door and see splatters all over the walls and ceiling, but I have finally found a solution that makes it so easy to wipe it clean again.

A messy microwave oven like mine can be steam cleaned with a vinegar and water solution.

Just place 1/4 cup vinegar in 1 cup of water in the microwave and zap for 5 minutes at the highest setting.

Be sure to use a bowl or cup that has extra room so that the mixture won't boil over.

Let it set in the oven until it cools down enough to dip a sponge or cloth in the liquid, then wipe away the stains.

All the gunk wipes off so easily!

Even my messy microwave sparkled after the steam cleaning. The only drawback to this method was that my grandson complained that he did not like the smell when I heated the vinegar.

So to make the oven and the kitchen smell better I heated a tablespoon of vanilla in a cup of water for 1 minute in the microwave oven, and that completely changed the scent. The vanilla took care of the complaints about the smell, and microwave is clean and shiny!


  1. My husband also complains about the vinegar smell when I clean the microwave. Your vanilla trick is a fantastic idea! I can't wait to use it next time.

  2. Love the idea of the vanilla Anita! Clever!

  3. Great post! I've used the same method but just water. I'll add the vinegar next time and the vanilla....that's a great idea too! Thanks! I hope you're feeling better!?!