Mission Organization: Week 31 - My Freezers or "The Frozen Wasteland"

I have two freezers in my kitchen, a large one and a smaller one, and I'm ashamed to say that I have allowed each of them to become a "frozen wasteland."  My mission this week is to get both of them organized and to discard items that I have pushed back and left unused for too long.

This is the larger of my freezers and it is stuffed!

This one is smaller, and it is just as bad. I have a lot of different flours in this freezer for baking, along with various other items, but I decided one way I could organize would be to use this smaller freezer exclusively to store my extra baking supplies.

When I got to sorting things out, I found some duplicates of the same products in both freezers.

After sorting through all the different products, I found that this freezer is just about the right size for all the extra baking supplies I keep on hand.

My larger freezer was a little more difficult to get organized. I had more items to discard that were out of date, and I needed a way to keep the food from getting pushed back, covered up, and forgotten like I had let happen before.

I added some baskets in the shelves to hold some of the items like these that were packaged in plastic bags.

I also added a smaller basket for items like my extra baked goods. I utilized the built in baskets to separate meats in one and vegetables in the other.

I know that some people organize their freezers by doing an inventory sheet and keeping a running list of their frozen food stock, but I am quite certain that I would not successfully keep an inventory sheet updated. I am just happy to have the freezers sorted out by category and organized with some new baskets. I think this kind of sorting and grouping will help me to permanently get rid of my "frozen wasteland."


  1. Wow that looks so organized! I didn't know you could freeze flour...how does that work?

  2. WOW, a huge and beautiful difference! Bravo, well done.

  3. I'm like you, Anita, as I freeze different kinds of flours, too. I like how you organized everything. I wouldn't be good at updating a list either. I'll bet you feel like a new woman!!