Mission Organization: Week 34 - What a Difference a Fold Makes

It seems that the more I work on organizing my house the more I find that needs improvement. I thought I was doing pretty well with the fundamentals, such as sorting and grouping like items and eliminating clutter, but then I found that I needed a refresher course in basic "folding".

As you can see my dresser drawers are just a little over stuffed. This one holds T-shirts, and I know that I have mentioned before that I don't wear a lot of T-shirts, but I do have several that I have collected from here and there. Not long ago I used one of my T-shirts to make a tote bag and some day I think it would be fun to make a quilt from T-shirts, but in the meantime, they are stuffed in my dresser drawer.

I'm always looking out for a more efficient way of doing things around the house, and I think Darkroom and Dearly definitely has a better way of organizing dresser drawers. After seeing how much space can be saved by folding and storing shirts in a different way, I got busy and reorganized my T-shirt drawer.

Here's the simple fold that makes the shirt fit into the drawer in a better way:

1. Lay the shirt out flat with the logo facing up.

2. Fold in half lengthwise, with the logo still facing out.

3. Fold the sleeves in.

4. Fold the shirt in half by folding the bottom half up, with the logo still showing

5. Then fold it in half again. This will be the last fold you will need if your drawers are DEEP, but my dresser drawers are shallow.

6. I folded the shirt one more time, with the logo still showing, then just stacked all the shirts side by side in the drawer.

The drawer would barely close when the shirts were folded and stuffed in the drawer in this way.

After the shirts were refolded and stacked in the drawer, there was room to spare! Wow, what a difference a fold makes!


  1. I LOVE this idea!!!! Anita you get the organization award! Just look at this neat drawer!
    Thanks for showing us how make pretty folded clothes and joining TUTORIALS TIPS AND TIDBITS.

  2. My Mom taught me to do this when I was traveling. I never thought to do it at home. lol :P